Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising (ebook) by Olympic Sprint Business Coaching

Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising (ebook)


The fundraising credentials of Amal Douglas  include major donor campaigns and specialist fundraising programmes for a demanding and diverse client base. 
More recently he has become widely known through his immensely popular “Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising” workshops that inspirred this book.

About The Author

After continuing his professional accounting studies in the UK Amal Douglas held various posts in that profession and ended up in the city.  His first solo business venture was as a travel and shipping agent in Paddington, and has an entrepreneur he has never looked back since. 

This experience has proved invaluable in his current role as an enterprise and fundraising consultant in which he advises major UK & international charities & NGOs, SMEs, new business startups and numerous trade bodies and  organisations. He has developed and delivered numerous training courses. 

He has previously written other books, including Zakat - Raising a Fallen Pillar and Why Businesses Fail, and also wrote and produced the stage play Diary of a 'Son of Africa.'  He is Founder of the Open Trade Network, and Olympic Sprint Business Coaching,  as well as a respected community leader and activist who has served on the board of many charitable and social organisations and enterprises.