How To Submit Great Grant Applications by Olympic Sprint Business Coaching

How To Submit Great Grant Applications

Writing and submitting grant applications can so often be both daunting or simply frustrating. Just putting together what might be a good grant application is no longer enough! Similarly, a good project that may well  help lot's of needy people may also no longer be enough to secure funding.
These days more is required!

Once you go through this course, there'll be no guessing.
• You'll know that you've covered all the bases and submitted a great bid.
• You'll know that you've spelt out in no uncertain terms that this is the project they want and need to fund.
• You'll be so prepared for any grant application that comes your way that you definitely won't be leaving money on the table in the future.

What's included?

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Principles of Fundraising interactive PDF
Fundraising Cycle Infographic2020.pdf
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Introduction to Fundraising Principles, Practice & Methods
Grant Application intro .mov
13 mins
Video - Fundraising
11 mins
cycle+ .pdf
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Fundraising Cycle Graphic.pdf
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Fundraisng Cycle Graphic - Detailed.pdf
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Fundraising Pyramid Graphic.pdf
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Alternatives to Grant Fundraising
Video -
7 mins
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The Grant Application Process
argIPdVvRQW3QNGsTC8e_Grant Application
6 mins
Application Process Graphic.pdf
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Funding Eligibility and Grant Application Basics
Grant Application About grants .mov
23 mins
17 mins
How to Avoid Unnecessary Rejection
12 mins
Answering the Key Questions
Answering the Key
13 mins
Grant Application Key
29 mins